Thursday, January 25, 2018

In the Name of Play

Ann Sponberg Peterson writes:  

It is morning here in Windhoek as I write this brief entry and our crew is packing up to leave Namibia headed to Cape Town.  Most of us did as much hand wash laundry yesterday as we could, knowing this would soon be a luxury on the Western Cape.  My inventory of clean garments indicates I’m good to go!

This packing to fly scenario is now slightly more complicated, however, as we’re arranging the many gifts we have received en route from our exceptionally generous friends.  OK, to be true, we’ve also made some purchases for loved ones back home as well … which means every one of us is evaluating our luggage space. 

Empowering Learners remains indebted to the nine fellow travelers who very kindly packed a One World Futbol® (read composite blue soccer ball) in their checked baggage coming over.  These nine soccer balls added to the eleven I had packed in, meant we had plenty to share.  So, in addition to the other educational supplies we brought, we gave these virtually indestructible soccer balls to schools and learners all along the way in the North.   

Tall human giving a big blue soccer ball to a small child means instant play time!  

To the delight of all, we know these soccer balls will have good long lives in the hands of growing learners.  I also invite you to search One World Futbol® and consider a future purchase. This is a marvelously good cause doing good work in the name of fitness and play and peace.   

More updates to come.  
Empowering Learners.    

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