Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Oshigambo Anniversary

Ann Sponberg Peterson writes:  

Greetings family and friends!  This entry is short on this snowy winter evening but no less sincere.  I have been thinking about what to write all day, since today, January 15, is the fifth anniversary of the day I first visited Oshigambo Lutheran High School in Namibia. 

A visit that changed my life. 

Let me first say thanks and how grateful I am for my husband, Gregory Peterson and our dear friend Tim Peter, who together invited me along on the 2010 Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa travel course.   Being on that trip and visiting that special place, Oshigambo, buoyed my spirit and vocation in new and wonderful ways.

A few months after that journey – on a night just like tonight, after Empowering Learners was formed and was gaining momentum – we were gathered with Tim and Sandra Peter in their home.  At the close of the night, as we were saying our goodbyes, I remarked to Tim how much it meant to me that I went with the choir to Africa.  How newly opened up I had become to the potential of our efforts, and what good and worthy work this was being in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia and together helping to provide for the ELCIN schools and learners.  I spoke about how there was always now something more to do, more funds to raise, more stories to tell, more people to meet, more shipments to make. 

With great emotion I said, “I now know why I was on that trip.” 

Tim smiled and said … “Isn’t it great?  God works like that!”

And so on this winter night, five years to the day after this all began, I say thanks to you all, for everything.   God is good and God works just like this, in and through us all. 

Thank you friends for your many gifts.  Your generosity is truly beyond measure!  Through your kind giving you made 2014 the best year yet in program fulfillment and financial support.  Stay tuned good friends.  There is more to come and more to do!

Empowering Learners.   

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