Saturday, April 12, 2014

With Thanks From Mr. Zulu!

Ann Sponberg Peterson writes:

I begin this brief update of our work by sharing a lovely note of thanks. 

Hello friends and how do you do out there in the US?  We are fine and so happy that we finally received our parcel from you via Oniipa.  It’s a wonderful package indeed. We shall surely put the items to very good use.  May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Principal and Staff to extend our gratitude to you for this gesture of good will.  We are so humbled by the gift that you gave to us indeed.  We would like to urge you to continue doing good unto the needy.  May the good Lord Almighty God abundantly bless you and the entire team for this gesture.

Such messages really put the wind in our wings!  

Mr. Rennyford Zulu is the head of sciences at ELCIN Nkurenkuru High School.  Gregory, Ethan, and I were privileged to meet Mr. Zulu when we visited the high school in July of 2013 in the company of our dear friend Pastor Henok.  Mr. Zulu along with Mr. Jesaya Chapwa, the head of school administration, showed us all around and we enjoyed getting to see this school in such detail.  Founded by the ELCIN in 1990, it is a terrific academy and they are doing very good work.

The “parcel” that Mr. Zulu is thanking us for was a tightly bound and sealed shipping box and a well-worn roll-aboard suitcase.  (The zipper on that roll-aboard was surely on its last journey but it held just as long as we needed it to!)  Enclosed in the bound box was a digital binocular biological compound microscope.  This microscope has a built in digital camera, which can connect by USB to any laptop or desktop.  We knew that the science hall at Nkurenkuru had an LCD projector, so we were sure that with such a powerful microscope, that now a whole classroom could view the research.  Also included in the roll-aboard was a package of 200 prepared biological slides – everything from plant material to fiber to blood cells – and 20 TI83 graphing calculators.  (And yes, indeed, it was these parcels that caused my delay in customs when we arrived … so worth the wait!)           

We’re pleased that the parcel arrived at Nkurenkuru and we thank our good friend, Reverend Shaanika, secretary of education for the ELCIN, for delivering it for us.  This past January getting to Nkurenkuru in the Kavango Region was just too far east for us to travel in such a short time, so we needed the capable courier service of our friends based in Oniipa.    

We say it in every presentation we make and in every thank you note we send – the gifts from so many are helping so many!  From building kindergartens, to shipping books and computers, to carrying in educational materials, the work of Empowering Learners is focused by mission and need and yet broadly beneficial.  

And we simply could not secure and deliver these gifts without the generous support of our friends and family.  Thank you all. 

In just a matter of days another 40-foot sea container filled with books and computers will be packed and will start on its way to the North of Namibia.  More on this terrific development in our next entry.  Once again our thanks to so many for so much!

Empowering Learners.       

This is a quick view of the Library at ELCIN Nkurenkuru High School.  Those encyclopedias seen here on the shelves arrived via our first sea-container shipment in August 2011.  Mr. Thikerete Belzo is the school librarian and as of last July he said he was still adding to the library collection from our shipment of books.    

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