Sunday, November 17, 2013

Honoring a friend and assisting the Ongenga Primary School.

Nelson Mandela once said:
“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

At Luther College Homecoming 2013 Namupa (Kafidi) Nengola ’98 was presented a Distinguished Service Award for her professional work as a teacher, as a leader in the Namibian Government, and for her service to Luther College. 

Namupa grew up in a village called Ongenga, about five kilometers from the border with Angola in the heart of Ovamboland.  She is one of eleven children and her parents made sure that each child ate, went to school daily, did their homework, and earned good grades.  Though neither Jonas nor Rauna Kafidi received a formal education, Namupa boasts their many accomplishments including their continued service as congregation elders in their Ongenga Lutheran Church.  Perhaps most importantly, Namupa says “My parents value education.  They did all they could for us as children under very difficult circumstances and I am very proud to say my parents can read and write.”   

Namupa now serves her country as director of education for the Anti-Corruption Commission. 

In October, shortly after Namupa returned home to Namibia, she received word that a new educational block at her hometown primary school in Ongenga, would be named in her honor. 

In accepting this honor, she was informed that this naming is for five reasons:  to create a link with different stakeholders for the benefit of the Namibian child; provide equitable quality education; provide cultural diversity; eradicate illiteracy; and to eliminate the spread of HIV/AIDS by 2030. 

To be true … in accepting this naming honor, Namupa has herself now made a pledge to help fulfill these important objectives for her childhood school.. 

Congratulations Namupa on this recognition!  Empowering Learners is happy to help.  This January we will deliver ten laptop computers to the Ongenga Primary School, for use in this new computer center/library named in your honor, and we look forward to helping further to the best of our ability.  Blessings to you friend!     

Empowering Learners. 

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