Thursday, November 28, 2013

An Open Letter to 24 Adventurous Singers

First off, a happy Thanksgiving to you! I trust that you are enjoying the company of family and friends before the plunge of Christmas at Luther. I know the turning of the calendar to December will bring quite the whirlwind of rehearsals, term projects, juries, athletics, and concerts! Even with all the stress, I fondly remember December being quite memorable in Decorah, IA. :)

As you spend time with extended family this weekend, I suspect you're yielding questions as to what you'll experience after the whirlwind month of December. Believe it or not, but you all take off for Namibia in a mere 5 weeks! As the days fly by you will undoubtably start to imagine what awaits once you arrive. Personally, I had virtually no idea what to expect, other than I was excited beyond measure!

I find not knowing what to expect to be a good and healthy thing at times. Experiencing an unknown propels us to have such strong focus. For me, those 3+ weeks really pushed me to be aware of myself, the people around me, and how being a member of that chamber choir fit into my understanding of the world. Unknowns however, can also be daunting, and that's okay too. For example, if you're anything like me, you had to look up where Namibia is on the map... Oops!

My purpose in writing to you is not to tell you what to expect. It will be different for everybody anyway. I basically want to wish you a happy journey, and to reassure you that you made a marvelous decision to spend your January in Namibia and South Africa. As other people read this (that may be over-confident), I suspect they'll nod in agreement that there will be many people traveling happily along side you in spirit.

All the best,


Okay...if I was to offer any advice, it would be this..

Set yourself up to be story tellers when you get back. As odd as it sounds to be thinking about coming back before you've even packed to go, you will surely come back with gobs of stories. Write things down, have great conversations with your fellow singers, and take lots of videos. As a 1st grade teacher, everyday I see the power a good story can have on people.

I for one, can't wait to hear yours.

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