Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's About Friends and Family

Here's a message from Gregory about the past few days in Cape Town, and getting to Namibia. Cheers all!

Greetings Dear Followers! 

I'm taking my turn with just a quick blog post here in Windhoek on a picture perfect 80 degree day. Empowering Learners is a lot about relationships and the work that I'm doing to set up Luther College's  January Term course "Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa 2014" is also about connections and relationships. My father commented in an e-mail that being in Africa for us now is probably less about adventure and more about a familiar place where we do our work. This is most certainly true! And familiar is related to family, which is how we feel about all the people we know here, friends old and new. 

Sunday, in Cape Town, we felt so at home during the morning communion service at Eureka Lutheran Church in Elsies River. It was fun to see Cantor Martin Hendricks again and to be invited to accompany the congregation on some hymns. Connecting with Father Richard Cogill later that day at St. George's Cathedral Evensong was a true surprise and delight. He is a member of the Gustavus class of 1994 originally from Cape Town and currently serving as Precentor at the cathedral. Here in Windhoek we are seeing many old friends including Nampa and Matty Nengola, Luther class of 1998. We've also connected with new friends, Harvey and Cheryl Leuning. 

Now it's on to the North. Wish us well as we drive several hundred kilometers for the first time on the left! And speaking of family, it doesn't get any better than traveling with Ann and Ethan!



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