Sunday, February 10, 2013

New and Exciting Beginnings

In a previous post we told you of Empowering Learners’ progress toward establishing an endowment fund to create a sustainable and lasting avenue of support for the ELCIN schools in Namibia. This endowment is an exciting opportunity for Empowering Learners to take a step forward with our partners in Namibia, and we look forward to seeing it grow!

We’re also excited to share with you some wonderful news regarding the Reverend Philippus Henok Kindergarten School. During our summer stay in Namibia we visited and then began a partnership with the kindergarten school, and our first act together was to improve the physical learning environment of the school. With the generous support of our donors Empowering Learners was able to send the necessary funds (roughly $5,000 USD) to fully fund the construction of a new building. We're happy to report construction is complete, and the new kindergarten class started their school year roughly two weeks ago! We've even received word there are enough funds available to furnish the building with new tables and chairs. 

We feel these pictures tell a great transformation story, and we can’t help but smile. :)

Previous Kindergarten Building


The finishing touches + Pastor Henok

What excites us most about this new building is that it offers more than just the added comfort and protection from outside elements. With this more permanent building student learning will only increase.

Ms. Helena (read about her here) can now plan on a teaching schedule without interruptions during the three-month rainy season. Educators anywhere will tell you how critical a consistent structure of learning time is to students' development, and learners attending this school can now count on having that consistency.

These kindergarteners now have more space. If you can recall any of your early childhood education experience you'll remember being very active. Good kindergarten teachers know that students learn best through engaging their minds through their movements.

Finally, this community has a school that they started to be proud of. As community members see their children grow and do wonderful things they can take pride in knowing the education they helped provide is making a difference.

This is an exciting time for us at Empowering Learners, and we're so happy to share these stories with you. None of these new beginnings could be done without your wonderful support. Please know how grateful we are to partner with you!

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