Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Now We Go

My dad is a numbers guy.

And he's pretty good. (Don't call me out for being biased, he's family people!)

I owe my father a lot for all his help (with my limited number sense being just a small fraction of what I'm gratitude for). Countless times I've gone to him with my tax forms, bank statements, financial questions, loans, etc... He never fails to turn my confusion around, and point me in the right direction. If he decided to give up the accounting thing, he could really make his mark as a teacher. I think it comes down to his ability to simplify things. With what I perceive to be effortless ease, my father can make the complex seem approachable. Its one of the many things I appreciate about him.

With a bit of my father's flair, here are some numbers regarding Empowering Learners upcoming return trip, which I hope many of you already have heard us talk about!

There are:
12 travelers
25 laptops
3 shots to get (at least)
50 graphing calculators
12 soccer balls
35 Braille books (Approximation: I'm not in the right town to count them at the moment)
3 sets of elementary toys
113 donors to date
2 connecting flights
30 pieces of luggage (Another approximation...sorry)


Lots of packing left to do.

But the most important number for this excited traveler is:

4 days until we leave :)

Now we go.


  1. We'd love it if you followed us throughout our 3+ week journey. We'll be blogging everyday, (we just might not have internet access to post). Thanks for all the love and support friends! You're all aces.

  2. We're now down to three days, but who's counting! Three is an important number for me, since this will already be my third trip to Namibia and South Africa. I have no doubt it will be every bit as fascinating and fulfilling as the previous two, just with a different focus. I look forward to contributing to this blog from time-to-time as we travel. Thanks for setting it up, Ethan! -- GP

  3. I can't wait to read all your posts! Also, this was a beautiful post about your dad, just in time for father's day!