Friday, March 23, 2012

Beware of Relatives

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I Should Send More Letters.  In lieu of that post, I did in fact, send a few more letters, but it failed in comparison to the amount of mail I received. The responses I heard from many of you were just lovely, and I send my many, many thanks to all the wonderful people who responded so kindly. You all are aces!

I do need to pay special tribute to one letter sender, and that's my aunt Carol. Along with sending great encouragement, my aunt has begun sending irrefutable evidence that I do in fact send my fair share of letters (although much more in my previous years). Check out this primary source, and by all means, feel free to laugh. :)

I have a firm suspicion I had help with the typing from my mother, but I feel that I can safely say I was not edited in my thoughts. First off, swimming and fruit (an obvious combination anyway you look at it) still play an important role in my day to day activities (naturally). And second, my handwriting hasn't changed. Yup...that's me. Thanks, Carol. :)

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Empowering Learners.  

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