Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Power of Dreams (part 2)

Through past experiences, we've found that many facets of Empowering Learners engage people with a desire to know more. After learning of our cause many of our supporters claim to resonate fully with our mission, and this fills our efforts with so much joy! We were equally joyful to learn that our previous post titled, "The Power of Dreams" empowered someone to respond. After reading our post, and finding out more about our project Katie Kiesler, a recent graduate from the University of LaCrosse (Wisconsin) and friend of Ethan contacted us. Katie is an aspiring English teacher with a strong desire to aid students in their development, which is something Empowering Learners fully supports! :)

Along with a desire to teach, Katie is on the cusp of becoming a published author, and is currently seeking help from friendlies to procure the necessary publishing funds. She is also in the running for the Women of Faith Writing Contest (which would cover her fees), and if she is chosen Katie wishes to donate her publishing fees to Empowering Learners. Gestures like this are gratefully received, and we wish the very best to Katie and her dream! We'd encourage you to check into her progress at Katie's Journal.

Publishing and sharing of ones thoughts and ideas is the dream of many. We're happy to know that other people too, believe in the power of dreams! By finding commonalities we hope the human spirit will aid in seeing many more dreams come to fulfillment.

Empowering Learners

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