Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Should Send More Letters

The first 18 years of my life I think you could count the instances I received mail on one hand.

1. Birthday cards (no brainer really, appreciate them nonetheless!)
2. ESPN Magazine (I liked to hang up the pictures of basketball players in my room.)
3. School supplies list and classroom teacher assignments (back in the day they "snail mailed" this in August.)
4. Roundbank statement (I still need to get in the habit of reading those.)
5. Random and nice letters from Grandma Della

Number 5 takes some explaining: Grandma Della would, and still does, send me scattered cards throughout the year. The card always includes $2-$3, and contains the following line, "Take your girl out for a nice night on the town".... I was 6 when those started. :)

So even though I had some nice moments with mail, they weren't part of my daily routine. Ever since starting college however, mail has taken a much more important role in my life. My mother has adopted a weekly (approx.) routine of sending cards, letters, music programs, or newspaper articles. I have gained many wonderful collegiate friends who take pleasure in sending cards through our inter-campus mailing. Bless them. Luther College also prides itself in sending me local advertisements (spam) to my mail box. Regardless, I'd be lying to tell you I don't get excited when I see there is mail waiting in my SPO, no matter the sender.

Now, mail is part of my daily routine. Rain or shine I check my box once (sometimes twice) Monday through Saturday. I hardly ever anticipate anything, rather, the possibility of a surprise always pulls me in. I hope that most people have experienced a day when a note or card has surprisingly brightened the whole day. Given by how much I enjoy those moments, I should return the favor by mailing letters much more often than I do. 

I find that letters and cards have a way of propelling me forward. They pick me up an a particularly down day, and sustain and add to already positive days. I'm sure many people feel the same. Recently, I received this letter, and was reminded how great our supporters are.

No Madeline, it helps a great deal. :)

Empowering Learners. 

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