Saturday, January 7, 2012

A wonderful message of thanks.

Hearing from Africa is always a treat.  E-mail messages usually arrive in the middle of the night . . . which makes catching up on e-news over your morning coffee a transformative experience.  Trust us, a message from Africa can charge up your whole day! 

So it was last October 2011, when I opened up my morning mail and found a greeting from Mr. Shikongo, principal, and Mrs. Chizengeya, the computer science teacher, both at Oshigambo Lutheran High School. They had very kindly sent a letter to our contact, Pastor Philippus Henok at the ELCIN, and asked him to pass on their message.  It was an amazing letter of thanks for the computers we had sent.  They told of previous computers they had which were no longer usable, and that the constant demand from the students on the remaining working computers was a growing concern.  Apparently the timing of our donated computers was perfect!  Our contribution eased the school’s finances, and very happy students were now getting first-hand access and experience. 

We were also very pleased to read that in January 2011, at the start of the new school year, they had just launched courses in computer studies for the 11th and 12th grade learners.  Who knew that our computers would arrive just when they were so needed!  Such messages . . . they make you smile.  They can make you cry.  Most of all they remind us that this is all so very worth it.   

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