Friday, December 9, 2011

Continuing our Partnership

In October, Empowering Learners took a bold step forward as we seek to walk side by side our Namibian friends in the ELCIN. 

Through the ELCA Foundation, we created the Empowering Learners Endowment Fund.   This permanent fund -- which we hope to bring to $25,000 by June 1, 2012 -- will help to continue the work we have begun of supporting the learners, teachers, and schools of the ELCIN in the North of Namibia.  Once we bring the endowment to full funding it will go to work earning interest and (with favorable future markets) continue to increase in value through the years.  Earned income from the fund will flow annually to the ELCIN schools through the ELCA Division for Global Mission.

Why create an endowment?  Because a permanent fund, managed by the ELCA Endowment Fund, is the best way to keep our dream vibrant, growing, and living into the future.

In addition to this endowed fund we hope to raise an additional $10,000.  We’re nothing if not bold!  This additional funding will allow us to purchase 20 more (used and refurbished) laptops, 50 or more (advanced level) calculators, along with needed educational supplies which we plan to bring to the ELCIN schools when we travel there this summer. 

In total we hope to raise $35,000 and we ask for your support.

Supporting Empowering Learners is very easy to do.  Just click on the “Donate” button and with just a few more clicks your gift will flow to Empowering Learners, safely and securely, through PayPal. 
All gifts of all sizes are deeply appreciated and gratefully received.  Thank you for your partnership and we wish you, and all those you hold dear, a happy holiday season!  

Empowering Learners  

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