Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thoughts on the New Logo.

We want to give an official on-line thank-you to AJ Perling of Snowball Creative Services for designing the Empowering Learners logo! It's on the left if you were wondering! She did a masterful job, and we're really thrilled with the final product. We're excited to see when and where our logo might come into play in the coming months as we start a new Empowering Learners chapter. We feel the logo is true to our vision, (education and empowerment through instructional supplies) but more important to us is that the logo was inspired by the Namibian flag. We're excited to have our logo echo similar sentiments our friends in Namibia see in the meaning of their flag. The colors in the Namibian flag represent peace, opportunity, and determination (and other things) which we wholeheartedly feel align with our project. We've always been inspired by how connected this project has made us feel to each other, our supporters, and our friends in Namibia. This inspiration of connectivity may be why the sun's representation touches us most personally, and why I've waited to comment on it till the end. That it shines down on us all giving life and energy!

May it be so.

Empowering Learners

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