Friday, November 25, 2011

History Series: Part Seven

Our sea-container set sail out of the Port of Charleston on Wednesday, June 1, and arrived at the Port of Walvis Bay on Thursday, July 28, 2011.  

On Monday morning, August 1, we received notice that the books had arrived at the ELCIN Church Offices in Ondangwa the day before, and had been successfully unloaded by learners from Oshigambo High School.   :)

Ethan and Ann each tell our own emotional accounts of what it felt like on this day when we received the news. We told everyone we could and friends and family helped us celebrate.  It seemed unreal, really, that it had all come together so wonderfully! This history would not be complete without thanking our many friends and donors. More than 130 friends and organizations supported this project financially.  Dozens of folks gave books, and many members of the 2010 Africa Choir gave of their time in helping to sort, label, pack, and cheer us on!  We have been richly blessed! 

In the words of Dag Hammarskjold:  For all that has been, thank you.  For all that is to come, yes.  

Empowering Learners

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  1. This marks the final segment of our history series. We thank you wholeheartedly for following us, and we hope you continue to check in! The coming weeks look to be exciting for us at Empowering Learners, and we're hoping to be communicating with you all very soon. As always, please feel welcomed to contact us if you'd like to get involved, or if you have any questions.

    Wishing you and all you hold dear, a very joyous Thanksgiving.