Friday, November 11, 2011

History Series: Part One

Thanks again, for your interest in Empowering Learners! We've realized that our supporters, both new and former might enjoy and benefit from a recap of our history. Also, we can only discover where we go next, if we understand where we've come from. So, for the next week or so, check back frequently to hear our story. 

We’ll start by saying that this all began with music.

A few years ago a great friend to Luther College, Orv Johnson, said to Tim Peter, professor of music, “you should consider taking a choir to Namibia.”  Orv knew of the strength of our Lutheran Church in Namibia and the Namibians’ love of singing.

In January of 2006, Tim Peter and Gregory Peterson, college organist, took an auditioned 24-member chamber choir to Namibia.  This course, entitled Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa, was repeated in January 2010. 

It is here in January 2010 that our story begins.

Ethan was a sophomore in the Africa Choir, making the best of singing tenor when he’s really a baritone, and Ann, director of development for Luther College, was traveling as the trailing spouse to Gregory. 

After two extremely long days of travel we arrived in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.  We spent just under a week there getting acclimated with the people, places, food, and sense of time. Even though we now focus on educational materials, music is the reason we became so connected with Namibia. Everywhere we went music could be heard. Their passion for choral singing particularly, and the joy we experienced when we shared music with each other, bound us together. Those moments of culture exchange will be with us forever.

About a week into our travels we boarded our bus to go to the North of Namibia, we knew we were in for a wonderful, yet unknown experience. Only now, can we totally appreciate that.

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  1. Now . . . if this history is meant to include all that we learned, experienced, and witnessed during this incredible journey, our message would take too many days to tell. The gifts of that month are forever in our hearts and we love to tell the stories. If you can spare the time, just ask us!